"Attention Busy Professionals Struggling With Too Much Information "

“Your Own Personal Life Saver To Rescue You From Drowning In The Relentless Information Torrent Dragging You Down Closer and Closer To Overwhelm, Stress And (God Forbid!) BURNOUT!"

Are You A Busy Professional Struggling Under the HUGE Volume of Information that Bombards Your Every Minute of the Day?

Here is the Secret of How I Went from Being Overwhelmed, Stressed and Perilously Close To Burnout to Becoming Calm, Centred, Relaxed and Being in TOTAL CONTROL Of The Masses Of Information That Hits Me Daily by Harnessing The Little Known & Closely Guarded Tips, Tricks And Techniques Used By Some of the Busiest Yet Most Effective, Productive And Completely Relaxed Business Leaders I Have Ever Met......

From: Michael Tipper
Monday: 11:37am

Dear Overwhelmed,

If you find yourself struggling to deal with the mass of information that comes your way then read every single word in this letter because the answer to the challenges you face is only a few short steps away.

But first is this you? ( check all that apply)

You are a dedicated professional in your field keen to perform at your absolute best with high personal and professional aspirations.

You have to deal with a ton of information every single day from numerous sources, some of it related to what you are trying to achieve, much of it not and a lot of time is wasted trying to sort the wheat from the chaff.

You have noticed you don't seem to be as effective as you used to be despite spending even more hours hunched over your computer possibly even late at night.

You are becoming increasingly more agitated with new information (especially when you have yet to process what came in over the last 3 days) and if there was a term for what you are experiencing right now, "Information Fatigue Syndrome" would be be a very good description.

You find it hard to switch off, especially at home and when you are particularly bogged down trying to think feels like the mental equivalent of wading through thick molasses.

You are finding it harder and harder to make clear cut decisions

On busy days you sometimes feel that you are perhaps just struggling a little to keep up.

On really busy days you occasionally feel overwhelmed and are starting to feel just a little stressed, anxious and concerned about how you are going manage.

Is It Possible You Are Suffering From These Symptoms of Stress Because of Information Overload?

If this is you then just like I used to be, you are struggling with the challenge of dealing with too much information.

I'd also imagine that overwhelm is just round the corner (if indeed it has not already arrived) and you are possibly also suffering from some if not all of these symptoms:

Physical tension in the Neck and Shoulders

Trouble sleeping

Difficulties in your personal relationships

Finding it extremely hard to concentrate and are easily distracted

Feel more and more agitated and find even the most innocent of situations annoying and irritating.

You find yourself more increasingly prone to common ailments such as a cold

It seems easier to put things off than do them right now

The Trouble Is We Try To Treat These Symptoms
Thinking We Are Fixing the Problem....

And if some or all of the above apply to you then I understand exactly how you feel because I have been there too.

However the mistake I made (and possibly suspect is the one you might be making too right now) is we try to treat the symptoms we experience without dealing with the underlying cause of the problem.

You can get something to alleviate the headache pain, you can rub your aching muscles and get some temporary physical relief but unless you deal with the cause of the problem these symptoms will return.

So what is the cause of the problem?

Well as a first pass at identifying the challenge it would be very simple to blame too much information as the root cause.

Yes Information Overload is A problem but is it THE Problem...?

Here are some very interesting statistics about just how much information we now have to deal with in this "Knowledge Economy":

  • A single copy of the Daily New York Times contains more information than someone born in 1673 would ever encounter in their lifetime!

  • Every day there is enought scientific information published to fill 7 volumes of the Encyclopaedia Britannica!

  • Every year enough scientific information is published to keep one person reading continually for 460 years!

  • In the last 30 years man has produced more information than in the last 5000 years!

  • About 1000 books are published internationally every single day!

  • In the year 2000 the amount of material stored electronically exceeded the human capacity to keep up with it

The only problem with these statistics is they are 10 years old - today the amount of information we have to deal with has exceeded even these facts and figures!

But is the volume of information the real problem?

No the real problem is not how much there is (because the volume will ALWAYS be more than we can ever need).

....No The Real Problem Is NOT Being Equipped to Deal With Such Large Amounts of Information

The real problem is the wrong attitude to information, undeveloped skills and the lack of appropriate tools to manage the information we do have to process in an effective, efficient and productive way so we stay calm, relaxed and feel completely in control.

It took me a long time to realise this but I couldn’t understand my lack of progress at all until I discovered the key building blocks of professional success and that I was missing one of them – probably the most crucial one.

Every Professional Success Story Has These 3 Things..

If you look at people who are really good at what they do and make things happen seemingly effortlessly, there are three obvious characteristics to their success:

They have a very strong and compelling REASON to be successful
They have a very good idea of what "success" looks like i.e. the RESULT
They have a very clear ROADMAP of how to achieve that result

However what is missing from this list is the less than obvious characteristic which really is fundamental to them being able to make things happen so quickly and so apparently effortlessly.

The Missing Secret Ingredient
They Don’t Tell You About...

Well there is a secret missing ingredient to professional or business success that is rarely mentioned.

It is so secret that most ultra-successful people aren’t even aware they have it (which is why they don’t tell us about it – they don’t know they have got it!).

But have it they do and those who are successful have it in abundance.

And the reason why we have have struggled in the face of the huge amount of information we have to deal with...

...despite having a strong reason for our success

...despite having a clear idea of the result we are trying to achieve

...and despite having worked out our roadmap to get there

...is that we don’t have it ourselves or if we do, not enough of it.

And The Missing Ingredient is...

It is about getting things done....period!

It is a combination of how you manage your time, your attention and your mental and physical energy - if you like this is the WAY you operate at work – I call that your resourcefulness.

You see it is no good being highly motivated, have the best business idea in the world with a step by step plan that works......if you don’t work the plan.

The trouble is, when we are trying to achieve great things then we have to overcome great obstacles, in particular the vast amount of information that bombards us daily, and if we don’t have the resourcefulness to do that then......well frankly you will end up like I did....someone extremely close to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual burnout.

And believe me; you don’t want to end up doing that.

So how do you develop resourcefulness so you can implement your roadmap, create your result and fulfil your compelling reason for professional success in the face of the information onslaught?

...Your Resourcefulness

Well resourcefulness is a combination of...

....your ability to get things done in the fastest, most efficient and effective possible way (your personal effectiveness)...

...coupled with...

...the ability to connect everything together so you can control and manage all areas of your professional and even personal life from one central place.

So what does being personally effective mean?

Well it means this:

  • Having a clear head so you can apply ALL of your mental energy on getting things done so that your attention is sharp, focused and laser like.
  • Having the ability to solve your professional problems ONE TIME, learn from overcoming that hurdle and then be able to instantly use that solution whenever you need to saving you vast amounts of time.
  • No longer needing to think about routine stuff so you can focus ALL of your attention on what’s important and not be distracted by the trivial
  • Being able to ruthlessly devise, manage and control what needs to get done to move your projects forward in the fastest way possible so that you can realise "Success ”
  • Being able to keep track of everything going on in your sphere of influence so like the captain of a super cruise liner, you can keep your ship on course.
  • Having the ability to only focus on what you need to know to achieve your professional goals and have instant access to just that information without having to wade through tons of irrelevant data.

Today Just Being Personally Effective Is Not Enough ...

15 years ago if you were reading this I would have only suggested that you develop your personal effectiveness to help move you forward professionally.

However today it is completely different because of the biggest challenge that just about anyone is facing right now.

Information Overwhelm

  • Information Overwhelm will cause you to be distracted from what you need to be doing right now to move your projects forward diluting your attention and pushing the achievement of your goals back even further.
  • Information Overwhelm will give you more and more options and faced with this overload of choice will cause you to procrastinate and not do anything.
  • Information Overwhelm will literally suck away at your mental energy to the point that you feel that trying to think is like wading through thick “mental fog”
  • Information Overwhelm will overcomplicate your life causing you to waste time, make you feel like your life is out of control.
  • Information Overwhelm will cause the fight or flight mechanism to kick in (as it surely will) and you will begin to suffer from the #2 cause of workplace illness and absence - stress.

So how do you deal with information overwhelm?

Well you need to be able to:

  • Rapidly capture, index and organize information in multiple formats for quick and efficient referencing.
  • Simply connect data from multiple sources in one place for easy and swift access.
  • Have the flexibility to comfortably move and organize data from one place to another.
  • Be able to instantly switch from high level overview and summary to in depth detail with precision.
  • Swiftly access any piece of important information in a matter of seconds so you don’t have to waste any time searching for what you need.

Does this sound like a tall order to you?

Well all of that is possible, it is well within your grasp and you only need one tool to be able to do all of that.

Using Mind Mapping Software Is Part of the Answer

And that tool is Mind Mapping or more specifically Mind Mapping Software.

Now I have been an avid user of hand drawn Mind Mapping for over 15 years and I have been teaching it for over 10 but this is NOT about getting out your colored pens and drawing pretty pictures!

While hand drawn mind mapping has its place in making you a better thinker, what I am talking about here is using Mind Mapping software on a computer to help you eliminate information overwhelm and make you super- productive.

A recent Study by a Mind Mapping Software Expert reported that 60% of business people reported an increase in productivity of at least 20% after using Mind Mapping Software in their work.

Over an average working week, that amounts to about a day of free time released.

Now here is a key point that I want you to get before you think I am going to go off on a rant about how great Mind Mapping Software is.

But Mind Mapping Software is only a tool.

It is a very powerful tool, but it is only a tool.

If you go and do a search for on Mind Mapping or Mind Mapping Software you will find a tremendous amount of hype about how great Mind Mapping is and how brilliant each version of the software is.

Quite frankly, there is so much B.S. out there about Mind Mapping that I even get turned off by it and I have been teaching it for years.

Yes Mind Mapping Software is powerful, but you have to know how to use it properly to get the most from it – and that is what most people are missing.

I have had Mind Mapping software for over 10 years now and despite being a specialist (some would say "expert”) in hand drawn Mind Mapping I was hardly using the software at all.

That was because I did not understand how to use it.

I was so wedded to the idea of using coloured pens and using little sketches in my maps that I rarely, if ever, used the software.

A Famous Online Business Development Guru Inadvertently Showed Me How to Use Mind Mapping Software Properly

Then quite recently I had a startling revelation as to the power of using Mind Mapping Software when I saw how one of the world’s leading internet marketing gurus used it.

This is someone who can legitimately be described as one of the most productive and ultra effective people on the planet.

What this guy has achieved in his own business life is nothing short of amazing and his ability to handle information is staggering.

I saw a video of him at a conference talking about it..."mmm that's interesting" I thought.

Then I watched him on a webinar show screen shots of what he was doing with it.... Now that is REALLY interesting.

....and then (because I got on his coaching program) I was fortunate to sit by his side at his computer as he took me through step by step how he was using it.....

I was blown away.

Two things went through my mind when I saw what he was doing

First of all I was flabbergasted by what he was able to achieve with Mind Mapping software with some innovative twists on some very basic functionality.

And secondly I was appalled (and somewhat embarrassed) as a Mind Mapping Specialist that I had missed out on years of progress, productivity and yes profits by not understanding just how powerful using Mind Mapping software was.

This was a life-changing revelation for me and all of a sudden what had held me back professionally was blown away.

Using Mind Mapping Software (in the Correct Way) Is the Key to Unlocking Your Resourcefulness

I now had the key to unlocking my resourcefulness.

That meant I could now USE my roadmap to actually CREATE my result and at last FULFILL my reason for professional success.

And so began the transition from struggling professional careering headlong into burnout (phew that was close) to calm, relaxed and productive super-achiever.

Over the next couple of months I started applying these ideas and found that my productivity and more importantly my ability to deal with information overwhelm went through the roof.

  • The mental fog that had prevented me from bringing all of my attention to my efforts started to clear.
  • I began to operate on my business with focused and laser like crystal clear attention
  • I dramatically reduced my thinking time on my routine tasks so I could focus all of my energy on the important profit generating tasks
  • I got into the habit seeing my activities as projects and drove them forward to successful completion far quicker
  • I captured and recorded my successes so I could duplicate and replicate them at the drop of a hat
  • I created a simple system to track and direct all of my projects from one single place that allowed me to keep focused.
  • I was able to easily prioritize exactly what needed to get done next
  • I created my own personal knowledge base where ANY of the key information I needed was just a couple of clicks away.

And most importantly the right things got done, they got done FAST and my business and professional life moved forward in leaps and bounds far quicker than I could have ever imagined.

Now You Too Can Banish Information Overwhelm FOREVER

For the first time in my entire professional and business life since the first onset of feeling overloaded all those years ago....

  • I was seeing significant profit generating progress
  • I felt completely in control of my destiny
  • I felt totally relaxed
  • And true success started to become a reality for me

And so I developed my revelation into a system that combined only the very best personal effectiveness strategies with my new-found understanding of how to use Mind Mapping Software to get the best out of it.

And I called it the..

Business Profit Productivity Blueprint.

I went through a couple of versions to get it right for myself and then I shared it with a select group of fellow professionals in a similar position to myself.

I was amazed.....and so were they...

This text will be replaced
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So what can you do with this system?

Eliminated Information Overwhelm


“I have always had a nagging frustrated feeling that I was not as organized and as productive as I could be. Even at the heights of my successes, and they were very rewarding,

I always knew I could do better. I have always enjoyed research and learning but I have realized that without proper organization I have tended to drown myself with information.

Accumulating substantial volumes of paper and files in my office was the norm. Lots of great information has found its way into my office only to be filed away and forgotten or worse yet lost on my computer or in my file cabinets.

That will all change now that I have experienced Michael Tipper's Business Profit Productivity Blueprint. I now have a system that will not only allow me to, on a daily basis, file the information that I have accumulated, but most importantly access it quickly and efficiently. I am already feeling a sense of relief, knowing that I will be more efficient and productive thereby giving me more time to do what I do best and grow my business.

Michael Tipper's Business Profit Productivity Blueprint has given me a Precise Practical Blueprint to organize, monitor, make changes easily, and grow my business.

Best of all, I can see this program giving me peace of mind and more free time with my family”

Tom Lowry
Cleveland, Ohio
Small business consultant



A Much Easier Life


I just finished going through Michael Tipper's Business Profit Productivity Blueprint Training Videos, I am happy to say how impressed I am at the changes in my productivity.

I now have a very easy way to keep track of all of the projects I'm working on and each of their components without having to juggle all of that information in my head or on dozens of scraps of paper.

I thought I had gotten everything out of Mind Mapping software, and then I started really going through the productivity training. Was I ever wrong!

There is so much more to the use of the software that I never knew about until Michael showed me step-by-step how to do even more. In fact, the management portion really gets into specifics on managing a project or multiple projects and how you can easily see at a glance where you are at any given time.

That is really HUGE for me - being able to see so clearly where I'm at and what still needs to be done.

I post to 2 blogs multiple times weekly, in addition to article marketing, and product development. The portion regarding managing blog posts was nothing less than brilliant.

I'm always juggling several projects at a time and managing them this way makes my life so much easier. If you are anything like me, do yourself a favor and get the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint training videos.

Your life can be so-o-o much easier. Every day I implement more of what Michael has taught and my life is getting easier. My days are more productive, and I actually feel like I have a handle on things.

Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET
Auburn, CA
Author, Publisher, Educational Therapist, Learning Disabilities Specialist


Started Sleeping Better!

This text will be replaced

Mind Mapping has become something of the rage in marketing circles the last 2/3 years with gurus dropping versions of their maps as value-ads to get folks to buy their products and regular people struggling to get a grasp on HOW it can work for them.

The sad fact is that, for many, the idea of Mind Mapping ends up being something that people like the idea of, rather than actually doing because they are too damn busy to figure out how to do it.

While the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint will certainly teach you with great ease what mind mapping is all about and how to create your own mind maps, it’s genius is the ability of the program’s teacher, Michael Tipper’s 17 year background in Mind Mapping as a practical, daily tool that makes the program STICK.

“Stick”, meaning a program that actually works and takes root and creates positive change.

I’m a right brained creative business owner. I work with thousands of musicians and bands from all over the world and I struggle operating in the linear, left-brained world of learning. Techy stuff I struggle with, just give me something with a visual dimension and a game plan and I’m ‘there’.

The Business Profit Productivity Blueprint is not just a ‘here’s how to make your own mind maps’ video training program. Michael has created a true productivity system that not only I can follow but one that makes sense instinctively with how my brain works.

The program empowered me gather up all the hundreds of micro-thoughts, to-dos, files and tasks and bring them into ONE - read that again please - ONE simple place on my computer’s desktop. A true control center for everything I have going on. A brain trust of my life and my businesses that I actually have control over.

The biggest compliment, the highest of recommendation that I can give to the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint is that I am sleeping well once again. For the last 4 years, I’ve been lucky to sleep six hours a night, most nights 4/5 hours because my brain would not shut down as it was digesting more than it could handle and, mainly, because I did not have a system to pull everything in my life together, to get under control.

The Business Profit Productivity Blueprint requires some work and effort from you to make it work but it’s a breeze because Michael Tipper is a true veteran of what Mind Mapping can do change people’s lives when mind mapping was not a marketing fad but something he truly knew could impact many thousands of lives. Well, I’m officially added his growing list of converts, believers and daily users.

If you want to get control of the sustained onslaught of emails, data, programs, ideas, daily to-do lists, ALL the responsibilities that one must wrestle with on a daily basis and which you struggling with - the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint is a no-brainer investment that will impact your ability to not only run a more profitable company but gain control of every aspect of your life if you use it.

Just do it and live the change and gain the control you thought you’d never be able to achieve.

Bruce Brodeen
Fort Collins, Colorado
President, Not Lame Recordings and Music Geek Heaven

Introducing the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint
Interactive E Learning System

Wherever you are in your professional life, your quantum leap in productivity and the ability to banish overwhelm FOREVER is right around the corner.

     Here are just some of the secrets you’ll discover:

E Learning Module #1

Personal Productivity in Business

Exactly how Mind Mapping releases the incredible power of your brain so you can accelerate your thinking abilities to Super-Speed Productivity Levels

How using Mind Mapping Software for developing, managing and growing your business will dramatically accelerate your productivity much quicker than using Hand Drawn Maps.

Why just using Mind Mapping Software is not enough...the missing ingredient everyone overlooks

The 6 must-use productivity principles that you absolutely HAVE to apply every day in your business (get these right and you will never need to worry about your productivity again)


E Learning Module #2

Applying Mind Mapping Software

The four steps to freeing brain fog and thinking clutter to give you focused and crystal clear mental clarity.

How to create, replicate and accelerate daily success to save you time and move your business towards profitability faster

How to get those routine tasks done but eliminate the need to think about them so you operate on automatic.

How you can comfortably manage and control everything you have to do from one very simple and easy to put together page.

How you can simplify project management so you can get effective “project manger” results without the need to train as one

How just a couple of hours a week will keep you focused, avoid unnecessary distractions and drive your business towards financial success

How to manage the key knowledge vital for building your business so it is all astonishingly simple to find in just a few clicks of your mouse.

How to eliminate information overwhelm forever and release yourself from that mental drain.

An exclusive behind the scenes look at my personal hard drive to see exactly how easily you can apply these ideas yourself too.


E Learning Module #3

Getting Started

Choosing your mind mapping software – the 4 absolute must-have features necessary to explode your professional productivity – miss out any one of these and you have the wrong software

Refining your mind mapping software decisions – 4 should-have and 3 more great-to-have features to increase your productivity potential.

A detailed tour of the software I use and where you can get a free copy.

Note - The Business Profit Productivity Blueprint can be put in place with ANY Mind Mapping Software providing it has certain specific (but crucial) features (which I will tell you about).

I will take you through the Blueprint using the exact same software that I use (I will even show you where to get a free copy of it for you to follow the process step by step).

But if you don't like my first choice of software, I also show you how you can apply exactly the same tips, tricks and techniques on a second but different Mind Mapping Software that is FREE - So if you like you get two training programs in one!

The important point is that it is not about what software you use but about the way you use it that will sky-rocket your productivity.

Setting up your Profit Productivity system – the right foundations for getting things done quickly, correctly and capably.

The first stage of eliminating Information Overwhelm – how one simple map with 4 branches will shatter mental blockage forever.


E Learning Module #4

Managing Your Systems and Processes

How to set up “E-myth” type profit center systems and processes for your business and professional processes to replicate your success (or to outsource with confidence)

A simple 7 step process of things you MUST check every single week to keep you and your business on track and reach your goals in record time.

How even someone with little or no experience can set up a comprehensive time-saving business process with just a few clicks of a mouse

More behind the scenes revelations on some of my closely guarded business systems never before revealed

A complete and self contained system for managing the content on multiple blogs from the generation of ideas, to the publication and marketing of blog posts.

How to create a simple time saving device used by the most successful, productive (and wealthiest) online business people that you can implement immediately.


E Learning Module #5

Project Management

How to de-mystify and simplify project management but still get things done fast just like a professional top notch project manager

How to increase your creativity and idea generation abilities in the brainstorming phase of any project.

How to dust off those “on the shelf waiting to get started” projects and get them going right now and banish procrastination.

How to develop your project proposal from a basic to do list into a powerful step by step plan of action that will guarantee it will get done.

How to easily keep track of your vital project data and ensure the project provides you exactly what you want, when you want it

Advanced project tracking and monitoring for sophisticated large scale projects


E Learning Module #6

Taking Charge of Your Knowledge

The Justin Twins - how knowing which of them you are most like will decide whether you will drown in data or overcome overwhelm.... and what to do about it

How to set up your own personal virtual library of business building nuggets so that vital information is just a few clicks away

The only 5 knowledge areas you need to have to organize just about any piece of information related to your professional success that you can think about.

The one piece of hardware (other than your computer) that will prevent you drowning in paperwork – what it is and how to use it properly.

How to be able to instantly access any handwritten notes you have ever taken, or are ever likely to take again.

How to manage the notes you take from seminars and information products so you can access what you have learned in seconds and apply it immediately.

How to never have to hunt for a long forgotten document, file or folder ever again.

How to keep track of all the software on your hard drive (and how to use it properly), so you never have to look at a program application again and ask “what’s that for?”

And much, much more....

Now since I did an exclusive private release of the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint, I have been inundated with testimonials from my first students.


I want you to know that I don’t give testimonials to just anyone…

But, I wanted to personally commend you for the total effort on great content that was in your Business Profit Productivity Blueprint.

I have never witnessed a more prepared, easy to follow, easy to understand and ready to implement system in mind mapping. Ever!

Thank you Michael for this opportunity to provide this testimonial and to say “A job well done.”

Loyd LaRue, CEO
Loyd LaRue & Associates
Indianapolis, Indiana


Michael Tipper's Business Profit Productivity Blueprint program really helped me to clarify my personal goals and crack open my business to look for more opportunity.

It was amazing to actually see my personal and business constraints literally untangle before my eyes.

By following Michael's step by step directions, I was able to create a unique, detailed snapshot of my life and how it interacts with my business.

The more I drilled down into certain areas of my life map, the more energy I created. This course is a must for anyone that wants to take control of their thinking and organize a strategy for lifelong success.

Colin Arthur Wiebe
Vancouver Canada


Prior to working with the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint, my life was overwhelming and totally unorganized.

A budding entrepreneur with a big dream but no plan to succeed. I had stack of projects that never were done or only started, and put on the big To Do List.

Once I viewed only a couple of short videos on how to apply mind mapping software to organize my professional life and also personal life, I was hooked and knew that life from now on will be a lot easier.

Michael Tipper's program is not only easy to follow but it's full of great Productivity examples.

Now I am confident that getting my goal of finally having control of my life is just a couple more videos and mouse clicks away.

Thanks Michael

Eva Kaczkowski,
Mississauga ON,
Entrepreneur and stay at home mom of
3 kids under 5 yrs old


I've used many different systems for my business to make my life easier. Michael takes you through this wonderful experience about using mind mapping software and makes the process easy to understand.

Of all the things that I've experienced in this program I've got to tell you I now have the benefit of a working model.

That's because Michael had us follow his lead by having us do the work on our own map at the same time he was building his working model.

By the end of this course, I had a system set up on my computer that I am able to manage with my business information with that is easy to use.

The more we got into how this system works and actually inputting my own information the easier it is to understand.

It is one of those things when you ask yourself, "How did I ever get by in my business without this system"?

I was always looking for answers to my questions that I knew were on my computer but I couldn't remember where I put them.

That took up much more of my time that could have been spent making more money.

Even though it's only been a short time since implementing the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint in my life, I feel more confident in getting things done sooner.

I have no doubt that my productivity will improve every day because I can find what I need when I need it.

Taking this Program with Michael will have a positive impact on my business. And because I have a better system that’s working within my business I will be able to produce my services and products sooner. That means I will be able to bring in more revenue easier, faster and more profitably.

Another positive aspect about taking this course is that I run my personal life and my business a little differently now. That is to say, I no longer think to check emails first thing every day. Now, I open my Mind maps and my days, weeks and months are right there telling me what I need to do next. I don’t have to think about it.

Michael, thank you very much. I know my profits will go higher in 2009, that's all because of your teachings about Mind mapping Software and its use in business productivity in an easy to understand method.

Hal Hoadley
LAH Promotions
Moorpark, Ca



This text will be replaced


I've always had a burning desire to build and manage my business like the pros. With the vast amount of information thrown at you, it seemed a pipe dream to organize it all. Top it off with growing the business, building sites, creating products and working on new projects, the overload grows with no end in sight.

Along comes Michael Tipper's Business Profit Productivity Blueprint to save me from getting buried alive in information overload.

Michael's business productivity videos are very easy to follow. When done with the course, I have a well organized business with more free time!

It was as though the weight of the world was lifted. There were many aha moments while going through the course. Creating your own master mind map to manage everything is such a huge time saver.

Imagine managing sites, projects, courses, notes, seminars, literally everything managed in one place with the ability to find anything you need in a few clicks. Then imagine it being simple to do and simple to implement. Michael Tipper's Business Profit Productivity Blueprint lifted many weights.

As my business grew, the volume of information to manage was continually growing. Accessing all the important stuff quickly and easily just seemed to become more of a pain in the rear. Not anymore, Michael has shown me the way the big gurus got to the top.

Of the many courses I've been through Michael Tipper's Business Profit Productivity Blueprint has had the most impact. This really should be the course that is put before all others. Using what Michael teaches gives me more free time for my wife and grandkids - that is the greatest benefit to me.

Spending more time with my wife and our little buddies is what it's all about.

Thanks Michael.

John Stiles
N. Canton, Ohio
Internet Marketer



Michael's Business Profit Productivity Blueprint really blew me away! I've been using mind maps for a couple of years now but none of my maps were inter-connected and they were all pretty dull and boring looking.

Thanks to Michael's course, I now have a totally new view of my world and things are organized much more logically and connected together properly.

It has allowed me to organize all the information and notes from all of my courses so I can find stuff quicker and I now have a much better view of the status of all of my website development and SEO projects. I can quickly see what the next tasks are and what items I'm waiting for at a glance.

If you've never used Mind Mapping Software before then this course is a must own and I wouldn't be surprised if the Software Companies licenses it from Michael since it's that good!

But even if you're a veteran mind mapper, I guarantee you will discover new ways to use the software to take control of your world so you can get more done in less time and ultimately make more money!"

Teddy Garcia


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Ok so how much?

Well first of all how much time do you spend at work ?

Would your life be better if you could get the same (and more done) but in less time?

Of course it would.

A recent study of Professionals showed that at least 72% of them worked at least 50 hours a week on their business (59% worked more than 60 hours and 32% worked more than 70 hours – that is a 10 hour day 7 days a week!).

What now let’s say you are like a typical Professional and you worked at least 50 hours a week – what would it mean to you if you were able to free up 10 hours of that time – i.e. you improved your productivity by 20%?

Don’t think that is possible?

Well an independent study carried out by Mind Mapping Software Specialist Chuck Frey concluded that the average increase in productivity for at least 56% of those who used such software was a minimum of 20% and for many it was much more.

And with the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint that also uses Mind Mapping Software we have proved that to be true...

Freed Up 10 Hours A Week!


Michael I just had to write you to tell you my experience with your Program.

I have been using mind mapping for years but your Business Profit Productivity Blueprint has taken my productivity way beyond my expectations.

I have learned nuances about mind mapping software that I never realized before! I now enjoy added free time (10 hours per week) for myself and my family because I am now able to better communicate with my organization.

I am able to share my objectives and goals with complete clarity! This program has not only given me more free time it has made the time that I work even more valuable!

I would strongly recommend the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint to anyone who wants to add more productivity to their efforts and give them added free time to their hectic weeks.

Bill Harbison
Fairport, New York
Director of Marketing

But let’s say you were only able to achieve half of what Bill did with the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint and could only free up 5 hours a week.

Over a year, assuming you took a two week holiday, you would free up an additional 250 hours for you to do whatever you like..

You could use the time to make your life just that little bit easier - maybe spend more time with the family, leave work 45 minutes earlier every day, take the luxury of a lunchtime visit to the Gym to stay in great shape.

You also have the option of using that extra time to put even more into your role to help progress your career even further (but do remember to use just a little of it to take a well earned breather every now and again).

But what if you were to quantify it financially?

I am not going to make any outlandish assumptions about what your time is worth but as a professional person then I would hope it is at least the Federal minimum wage (which from July 09 is $7.25) and frankly I'd be shocked if it wasn't at least 5 times that as a MINIMUM!)

Over a year with only half of the time savings that my students have achieved, and at the minimum wage, that would be worth this to you:

250 hours x $7.25 hourly minimum wage = $1812.50

But even if you were only able to achieve a quarter of the time savings and were to release just 2½ hours per week then over a year that time saving would still be worth nearly $1000 to you.

125 hours x $7.25 hourly minimum wage = $906.25

I truly hope your time is worth far more than the minimum wage – so imagine the value the increased productivity would give you if your time was worth $10, $15 or $20 dollars or more an hour.

Your Hourly Rate

Number of Hours You Save

Value to You










You know your figures so you do the math.

Consider the Worse Possible Case Scenario

But rather than hype this up let’s just stay with the worse possible case scenario for you for now – the savings can at the very least be worth $1812.50 for you over the next 12 months.

And remember that is for just one year – these benefits will accrue year after year.

What would you invest to give you that amount of value (remember $1812.50 is the VERY LEAST you can expect from this program over the next 12 months)?

Well 10% is considered a fair return on investment (ROI) in the conventional business world though we should always strive for more.

As a professional communicator, I do work in the conventional business world and in that environment I charge the market rate for the value I bring to the companies I work with.

Well I can’t offer your the Blueprint at my high 4-figured conference speaking rate because that is based on speaking to corporate clients with very large audience sizes and the math wouldn’t work for you.

Even my daily training or consultancy rate of $2997.00 is still out of the reach to the average professional and to give you a return on your investment for an $1812.50 value, again the math just does not work for you.

So I thought long and hard and decided that a fairer way would be to position the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint at the investment level a delegate on one of my public courses would benefit from.

I limit my public courses to a maximum of 10 delegates so I can optimize the amount of time I spend with each of them and ensure they get the best possible value from their time with me.

So to achieve my daily training rate target, on a full course my delegates invest just $297.00

That means even if they just do the bare minimum with what you will learn and gain a measly 5 hours a week at the Federal minimum wage level of $7.25 an hour, giving them an $1812.50 value for a $297 investment, then their ROI is a whopping 510%!

However, I am not going to offer this to you for $297.00 (though it is worth at least that and probably more).

Nor will I let it go for $247.00

I am going to let you have it for only $197.

That is a massive Return on Investment of 1868.50% - a staggering 180 times better than what is considered a good ROI in the conventional business world.

How Long Will The Business Profit Productivity Blueprint Be Available at this Extremely Low Price?

So why am I going to let you have this for such a ridiculously low investment?

Well the main reason is that it is the introductory price for this offer.

I am starting with such a low price so I can get as many people benefitting from this as possible early on to create such a buzz about it to help my future sales.

However, understand that this price is not fixed; it won't go down, but it is very likely to go up again in the very near future because:

  • Once the introductory period is over it makes business sense to position it at or near its true value of $297.00
  • I may well be breaking up the Blueprint into separate self contained programs and selling them individually because I have a sneaking suspicion I have put too much in it as it stands now (for example, just the video on the system for managing your blogs is a product in its own right and is easily worth $97)

Obviously, the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint e-course isn’t for everybody. I don’t claim to be all things to all people… no product can be. But if you’re someone who acts on solid, proven strategies – it’s going to make a dramatic difference in your productivity and ultimately your professional results.

     Not only that...

If You Don’t See Results....I’ll Buy it Back

The last thing any of us want is some super fancy course that doesn’t live up to the promises made. Your hard drive is probably all ready packed with stuff you bought and never really made use of (module 6 will help you with that).

     That’s why you are so careful what you buy these days… and deservedly so. Look, my goal is building a world-class business to educate people in realizing more of their potential.

So what does that mean to you?

     Here’s the bottom-line. I don’t want you to feel like getting the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint is a gamble. Embrace the strategy. Try out the tactics. Put them together I’ll show you how, step-by-step) and see if they don’t add up to a MAJOR difference in your results.. Just give it a shot. If you’re not happy, for ANY reason at all in the next 60 days, just contact our help desk (we don’t hide it, you’ll see the link on your welcome page) and I will buy it back. No ifs, ands or buts. You’ll get a courteous refund of every nickel.

     Does that sound fair? You get 60 days to see with your own eyes if I’m full of bull… or this information is everything I said it was… if not more. As long as you’re serious about taking your business up several notches, I guarantee you’ll be thrilled. Period.


Here’s 4 Free Gifts Just For Trying the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint – Yours to Keep No Matter What You Decide

But that is not all because in addition to:

all 28 videos (6 hours 4 minutes and 42 seconds) with the full system using my first choice of Mind Mapping Software

....an additional 8 videos (2 hours 11 minutes and 27 seconds) of training on a second and completely FREE Mind Mapping Software...

......spread over 6 modules delivered sequentially over the next 3 weeks

......and 6 fully illustrated eManuals (over 373 pages of quick access guidance)

that make up the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint, you will also receive:


Bonus # 1
Discover the Inner Winner – How to Raise Your Personal Productivity Game
  Real World Value $97.00

A 71 minute interview with Best Selling Author Simon Hazeldine on discovering the Inner Winner – the internal game of success and using it to raise your personal productivity game.

He shares his proven strategies for identifying and eliminating your internal barriers to personal productivity so you can start getting more done much faster.

In particular he explains the five stages of high performing success and how it applies to having greater levels of resourcefulness.

Simon is a specialist in the fields of persuasion, performance and leadership and is the author of “The Inner Winner”, “Bare Knuckle Selling”,” Bare Knuckle Negotiating” and “Bare Knuckle Customer Service”. He holds a Masters Degree in the Psychology and Management of Performance.

“The Inner Winner is full of practical, proven techniques to help you get the very most out of yourself in every situation”Brian Tracy



Bonus # 2
The Hour a Day Workshop
  Real World Value $197.00

A condensed 39 minute video version of the half-day live workshop that had me crowned the Best New Speaker 2007 for the Academy of Chief Executives (A CEO networking organization) - Includes manual.

Time Management is dead....

...True but there are things you can do that will:

  • Free up an hour a day to create a better balance between work and play so you can enjoy life even more
  • Release more time to work “on” rather than “in” the business to help it become even more profitable

…So you too can discover the freedom to work on one of those important but not urgent back burner projects that generally fall victim to the usual pressures of time increasing both professional and personal satisfaction.

"I enjoyed Michael's session and so did our members. You could see light bulbs coming on around the room as each person realised how they could make themselves more time each month, week and year by implementing his practical solutions."

Alex Arnot, Co-founder Elite



Bonus # 3
Program Yourself for Productivity
  Real World Value $47.97

The Personal Effectiveness and Business Productivity Mind Movie.

Supercharge the development of your “Getting Things Done” mentality by watching the very same Mind Movie I use every single day to program myself to world class levels of personal effectiveness and productivity.

A combination of emotionally charged affirmations, powerful visual imagery and hypnotic background music that I use to program my subconscious to be super effective and powerfully productive.

All it takes is 10 minutes a day (watch a 4 min 59 second video first thing in the morning and last thing at night).


Bonus # 4
How the Internet Marketing Gurus Use Mind Mapping Software
  Real World Value $99.00

This 47 minute video gives an insider’s look at how some of the world’s leading Internet Marketing Geniuses successfully use Mind Mapping Software in their business to make them more productive.

Strategies that you too can use and implement in your business right away.

Real life examples from real life gurus including:

Andy Jenkins

Rich Schefren
(Author of The Internet Business Manifesto)

Jeff Walker
(Product Launch Formula)

Yanik Silver
(The Underground Online Seminars)

Add To Cart To Start Now


I Am Ready to Claim
The Business Profit Productivity Blueprint e-Course
And All the Gifts Right NOW!

That’s $440.97 in Free Gifts – Yours to Keep No Matter What!

Ok so now it is time to separate the “wishers” from the “Action Takers”...

It’s Up to You Now....Ready to Join the Movers and Shakers?

Look, I’m not going to hype this up and say you’ll suddenly develop the resourcefulness to get an instant promotion or anything like that. I don’t know what you’ll do… in fact you could do even better than me...and far quicker too.

     But just think… If you suddenly increased your productivity and personal effectiveness by 20% would that make a difference to your professional growth?

You can’t tell me that it wouldn’t provide a better life for you and the ones you love…

      It’s all possible. All you need is the strategy to pull it off, and you’ll see every step of the process.

You’ll be far happier, be much less stressed and you will begin to make even more progress at work.

     Give the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint a try… if you’re not thrilled, I’ll buy it back in the first 60 days – and you can keep $440.97 worth of free gifts. But I doubt you’ll be asking for a refund – you’ll be too busy profiting from your “extra” time!

Yes Michael I am ready to claim my copy of the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint, plus $440.97 in free gifts

I understand I’ll get:

The entire 6 module Business Profit Productivity Blueprint (28 videos and 373 pages of detailed instruction) - to develop super levels of personal productivity to grow my business much faster

The Hour a Day Workshop – so I can find an extra hour every day in my already busy schedule.

Discovering the Inner Winner – How to Raise Your Personal Productivity Game so I can identify and eliminate the inner barriers that are currently holding me back

How The Internet Marketing Gurus Use Mind Mapping Software – so I can pinch the winning ideas of successful online business gurus and use them myself

The Mind Mapping Software Product Creation Workshop – so I can start creating unique profit generating products that will set me apart from my competitors

The Program Yourself for Productivity Mind Movie – so I program my powerful subconscious to peak performance levels of personal effectiveness in just 5 minutes a day

Limited Time Offer

That’s a value of $614.97… but it’s all yours for a limited time for only $197!

And thanks for making this a sure thing: Either I’m 110% thrilled or you’ll buy the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint back for every nickel I shelled out… and I get to KEEP the bonuses worth $440.97!


You will get instant access to the first module and bonuses on the other side of this page so you can get started immediately on sky-rocketing your productivity


To your Balanced Business and Personal Success

Michael Tipper

P.S. I am personally inviting you....no scratch that....I am personally challenging you to apply some very simple (but incredibly powerful) personal effectiveness with easy to use and simple to master Mind Mapping Software in the right way to put a rocket under your productivity.

I am sharing with you the tips, tricks and techniques that have taken me from being close to burning out to a huge surge forward in personal productivity and more importantly eradication of overwhelm FOREVER. This can happen for you too but only if you are smart enough to invest in the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint.

P.P.S This offer at this price with these bonuses may be pulled any day so jump in now and bring your business success to you faster, more efficiently and in record time.


Yes Michael I am ready to claim my copy of the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint, plus $440.97 in free gifts

I understand I’ll get:

The entire 6 module Business Profit Productivity Blueprint (28 videos and 373 pages of detailed instruction) - to develop super levels of personal productivity to grow my business much faster

The Hour a Day Workshop – so I can find an extra hour every day in my already busy schedule.

Discovering the Inner Winner – How to Raise Your Personal Productivity Game so I can identify and eliminate the inner barriers that are currently holding me back

How The Internet Marketing Gurus Use Mind Mapping Software – so I can pinch the winning ideas of successful online business gurus and use them myself

The Program Yourself for Productivity Mind Movie – so I program my powerful subconscious to peak performance levels of personal effectiveness in just 5 minutes a day

Limited Time Offer

That’s a value of $614.97… but it’s all yours for a limited time for only $197!

And thanks for making this a sure thing: Either I’m 110% thrilled or you’ll buy the Business Profit Productivity Blueprint back for every nickel I shelled out… and I get to KEEP the bonuses worth $440.97!


You will get instant access to the first module and bonuses on the other side of this page so you can get started immediately on sky-rocketing your productivity



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